Monday the 23rd

I recall Monday the 23rd of February.. It was one hell of a day! To be honest, it was the most breathtaking day of my entire life.. Well, to make the story short, I was invited to Burberry’s show (for the first time) and I had the chance to walk on the red carpet towards Burberry’s tent from Kensington Palace Gardens. Honestly, even though there were some massive celebrities on the frow, I was astonished to see Mario Testino that close…







The show started and due to Clare Maguire’s voice, I suddenly had skin goosebumps! What can I say? There were the most beautiful 15 minutes of my life. I really enjoyed being invited and see the next season’s collection. I was proud of my choice to wear an outfit done by a Romanian Designer, Ioana Ciolacu, because it was based on fringes. Believe it or not, Christopher Bailey’s collection was build around the same 70’s trend, so I was matching perfectly with the mood.

The collection “Patchwork, Pattern and Prints” was assembled with a folksy, retro touch. 70’s trends as fringes, thigh-high boots, capes, bohemian touches such as vintage floral prints, folk-style dresses and military approaches created a beautiful collection. What I love the most about the collection? The cleavages, my dears… Well, I love fashion and trends, but I will definitely chose first the feminine style ( which should be a must-have in each woman’s life).


I would like a pice of clothing which such a cool V cleavage cut.

Now, its time to make some high street research and start purchasing some style steals pieces to wear them this season and the next one. Oh yes, I forgot to say, the 70’s are here to stay 🙂




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