My life path has really changed since last week! Starting my new experience as a full-time blogger made me raise relevant questions about my life, my future and my next career moves. But, firstly, I became aware of how much I have changed in the last 12 months due to your support; because, you taught me how to trust and believe in myself.  I knew before that writing is therapeutical yet by showing you a part of myself through Stiletto Shades, I have learned so many things about myself, my confidence and trust accelerated with each and every of your comment! So, that is why I would like to offer you my deepest thanks. Moreover, in the last 12 months I have discovered that the real beauty is the one coming from inside ourselves. We live in a society where looks are so important that they diminish our dreams and trust! That is why, I now realise that beside showing you the latest trends and fashion steals, I should focus on showing you how you can achieve confidence, as this is the only way to jump out of you comfort zone and conquer the world!

Coming back to this amazing photo-shoot, it is a dream which became reality. Every time I see an important person wearing Chopard while winning a certain prize or every time my mind makes the inseparable connection between Palme d’Or and the brand, I start wondering if is this ‘luck’ is transmissible!? I hope it is..  Do you know why one of my dreams was to shoot with Chopard? Because their jewellery and brand identity are the epitomes of modern beauty, sensuality and happiness; moreover, the brand showcase them in the same way I perceive these life characteristics! Now, by looking at these pictures, I realised the beauty behind the jewellery, the vibe they offer you! I felt so happy, relaxed, elegant and beautiful inside-out! And I now know I was true, Chopard means happy beauty with a luxurious twist! They have opened their second e-boutique after U.S, here in UK (, that is why I tried to incorporate in my photo-shoot my first image I had about England, that image gained from the Austen and Bronte love novels…  I hope you enjoy and have the same vibe as me while looking at the pictures and the video!
P.S Being a blogger I realised that I do have the courage to try to change a bit the world!  That is why, I am really happy with the Chopard initiative of creating this diffusion line by Fairmined gold, and I am pleased that I could be part of their journey to sustainable luxury.
Be beautiful, courageous and embrace the future with a smile on your face! This is my new goal and I hope you are all coming with me in my new life journey!
Today one of my dreams came true! Shooting with @chopard with the #PalmeVerteCollection is the best moment of my life! Stay tuned for more! /@mihainicusor/

Today one of my dreams came true! Shooting with @chopard with the #PalmeVerteCollection is the best moment of my life!


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