I was invited last week in Harrods for a fab styling experience at MMissoni in order to discover the Pre-Fall, the AW’15 and the Pre-SS’16 Collections. It was such a lovely atmosphere while mixing and matching different garments so as to create perfect chic& trendy looks! MMissoni offers a fresh and young touch for the cool fashionistas and my immediate feeling after seeing the collections was to step up the game for a complete change look! Since the very first moment I arrived in store I was signing in my mind the “I love it” lyrics so, I said to style myself up, like in the decade of disco with an elegant twist of the Studio54 fashion.

The pieces from the collections are defined by versatility, you can play with their cuts and constructions and build amazing new outfits by mixing the pieces. The first outfit was the definition of the 70’s classic&chic vibe: flares – add instant length to your legs, sparkling touches and the 70’s scarf.

               Style tip: Don’t wear the 70’s scarf around your neck,be creative and wear it as a head piece

The second outfit  -which I would call it “You’re from the seventies, but I’m a nineties bitch-  two pieces which can be worn as a suit or separately, silk blouse and with sparkly socks! This look inspired by Francoise Hardy expresses fabulous-geek-chic from mornin’ till down…Third outfit  (Pre SS’16) Blue Glowing – uber chic colour which makes you look charming, elegant yet sharp and relaxed.  The last outfit is the monochrome chic a la MMissoni – captivating dress and cape to die for…

                                     Enjoy the pictures and let me know which is your favourite one!


TAK_008 copy


TAK_011 copy


TAK_018 copy


TAK_023 copy


TAK_026 copy


TAK_045 copy


TAK_051 copy


TAK_055 copy

Wearing: MMissoni

Photo: Tolga Akmen


Andreea Cristea


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