Couture Fashion Week Diary

Bonjour, my lovelies! Just got back to London from Paris, and it’s time to share everything with you! I was invited for the first time to Couture Fashion Week and thanks to Neville Salon, I had the amazing opportunity of going backstage to some of the shows. Let the diary begin!!!

Day 1

I arrived in Paris on Sunday night, the weather was not that great but, I knew that the Glitz and Glam of Couture will keep me warm enough! Monday started bright and early and it was my only relaxing day, only one show on my schedule – Yumi Katsura – followed by “wine & fromage” at the infamous Fouquets and, after that, “mussles, french fries and wine” for dinner.

Day 2

Second day of Couture Fashion Week started with a snowy Parisian view. If you wander if Paris is still gorgeously mysterious and yet romantic covered in snow, the answer is Yes. Wearing my red stilettos, I made my way to the Julien Fournié showFor the first time, I was invited backstage and I was super excited for this. Arriving backstage, I have experienced the “industry’s-behind-closed-doors” thrills. I had a glimpse of how the creative’s director vision is shaped into a real image.

Stephen Low, Creative Director at Neville Salon, created a WET LOOK – modern & fresh inspired from the 60’s. Honestly, nothing is more natural yet seductive than a hairstyle which looks like a towel-dried hair.






//Pinko #OOTD – obsessed over this red coat //Pinko.Street Style Couture Fashion Week Paris. Andreea Cristea

Pinko.Street Style Couture Fashion Week Paris. Andreea Cristea

Pinko.Street Style Couture Fashion Week Paris. Andreea Cristea


Day 3

The third Day of Couture Fashion Week brought me some thrills I never thought I will have during a fashion show. The day started at  Ziad Nakad’s backstage. Honestly, the second I put the step inside the backstage room, I felt like waking up in a fairytale. Romance, love, desire, purity, perfection were all embodied in that room – it really was, a collection from heaven. Regarding the hairstyle, Stephen Low did a young and natural look that combines tradition and modernity – simple yet eye-catching up-does which I will defiantly need to try.




Due to my inappropriate weather outfits, I caught a pretty rough cold, so after the fairytale experience at Ziad Nakad,  I went for a cosy brunch at Hotel Costes, followed by a long nap.  In the evening, I went to Guo Pei catwalk – the show was a real masterpiece; it really made me remember that fashion is a form of art.




The hairstyle team had to create 21 individual looks to compliment the collection which was inspired by the cathedral of St Gallen, the European monarchical culture and the ecclesiastical dress. The 21 looks were a variation of soft majestic up do’s and romantic stylised curls.


Day 4

The morning started at Antonio Grimaldi show and backstage, of course! It was such a beautiful collection, inspired by love, Greco-Roman architecture, the obsession of research, geometric modeling and constructions. The hairstyle was made to fit the look for an amazon warrior.




I hope you enjoyed my Couture Fashion Week diaries!

//Thank you very much Neville Salon for the backstage access//




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