Wolford x Nikita Gill

Today, I am taking you down a story line of women celebration! Wolford has partnered up with Nikita Gil, the poet, to celebrate femininity, women and their power to rewrite their destiny by creating the “Emily Tights” — The tights are a pure statement of empowerment as one of Nikitas’ verses is imprinted in bold silver: “You are the architect of your own beautiful wild chaos”.

//The tights are going to be available in store and online starting with November 15th

just in time with the Nikita’s new book launch “Wild Embers”//

AndreeaCristea4 copy

Honoring femininity, women empowerment and love is what I try to portray through each photo I post on my blog. It has never been more important to underline and acknowledge the power of modern day feminism, as we live in a time when this subject has never been more powerful and also more misunderstood and debated.

Today, I am not going to tell you a story regarding feminism but, a tale about celebration and love for the powerful women. The history has many lovely stories about women empowerment and how their dedication and love has changed the world around us – if back in the time they were called “she-wolves”, now we can call them “she-boss” / mother / colleague / friend. There is a warrior in each and everyone one of us, ready to fight in order to create our own corner of eden, our own beautiful destiny! I am sure that each woman has her unique, untold anecdote of fighting for her own story!

Nikita’s poem which is part of the Wolford collaboration is a perfect definition of women empowerment

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 11.55.31

My definition of “women empowerment” comes from the life of my Grandmama. As you all know, I was born in Romania, an ex-communist country. Luckily, I was born when the communism ended and, as the majority of you reading this article, I am a child of the “free world”. Sadly, this was not my Grandmama’s case. She lived in a closed society, where fighting for family, principles and heritage was a taboo and censored subject. Married young (as that was the way in that time) she tried to preserve the story, history and a liberating education for my father in a society where freedom was only a dream. I do not know if she could be named a feminist, but she surely was a wolf, a powerful woman in her time who did everything in her hands to re-write her own and her family’s destiny against all odds and political system. Myself and my family call her “the rock” as we all think that our family heritage, history and values would have not lasted throughout the communist period if my grandmama was not courageous enough to preserve it! When I grew up, I started to understand more and more why I need to celebrate her as a powerful woman.

We all may have a personal approach to celebrating powerful women around us, we might have different stories and role models — but one thing is sure, strong women do fight for their own destiny and we have to do the same; we have to create our own corner of eden!

// Enjoy the visual story //

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Photos: Andrei Lucas





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